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Playground Booth

Our Playground Booth is a safe bet when you want your target group to share a unique photo. Our solutions are always skinned with graphics to fit your brand and campaign. This solution is also perfect for social media sharing.

Playground Station

Our unique digital playground with entertainment for everybody. Contains several options for families with children as well as graphically supported brand activation for the adult target group.

Playground Display

Through interactive games using gamification the Playground Display attracts attention and traffic where ever your company faces the customer. This solution is also used with great success to collect newsletter signups and enable you to maintain the dialogue with the customer later.

Playground Hunt

Our live, digital treasure hunt activates your target audience with a smile. The solution to attract attention to places, where you want more traffic and prolong the interaction between you and your target audience.

Playground Vending

An interactive vending machine where the customer interacts with and endorses your statement or brand. Depending on your wishes the vending machine can be used to increase the number of newsletter signups, app downloads or Instagram shares in exchange for a product from the vending machine.

Playground Bullet Time

Create a unique and vibrant documentation of the visitors at your event. Here the participants can have their very own 3D picture taken in the middle of your company's universe - ready to be shared on social media.

Sponsor Spinning

This is the perfect event for you, as a club or company, that wishes to create a new way of engaging existing sponsors and attract new partners.

Looking for something unique?

We also do custom solutions to match your needs. We call it Playground INNOVATION.

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