Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump

This event is guaranteed to spark joy with youngsters and produce memories from grown-ups. In Denmark the loveable bear is known as Rasmus Klump while his name in other countries is Bruin, Barnaby Bear, Bundle and Rasmus Nalle.

Aboard the ship “Det Gode Skiv’ Mary” is an entertaining playground filled with unique experiences:

1. Reading area
In the bow of the ship parents and children can take a seat and read Rasmus Klump stories.

2. Soundboard
By pressing buttons inside the cabin, sounds and music from the Rasmus Klump universe is played.

3. Fru Klumps Pandekager (Mrs. Klumps pancakes)
Here the children can help Fru Klump make her famous pancakes by collecting the ingredients that appear on the screen – and doing so by using their own body and hands. This is the perfect activity to develop children’s motor skills and generate laughs from the crowd.

4. Kong Neptuns Skat (King Neptune’s Treasure)
Here the children help Kong Neptun collect coins for his treasure chest. An activity with great entertainment value, where cooperation is the key to success.

5. Rasmus Klumps Bio (Rasmus Klump’s Movie Theatre)
The Bio creates an opportunity to relax while watching a selection of the many movies there is within the Rasmus Klump universe.

All-in-all this is a concept that supplies hours of play across several age groups. It also presents the opportunity to use the Rasmus Klump brand as endorsement in marketing as well as the chance to book a ‘meet-and-greet’ visit from Rasmus Klump.

A unique experience that is available for booking on a weekly basis – for example during holidays to increase visitor numbers and supply entertainment for the visitors.

Video af Rasmus Klump



99.000 kr.

Rasmus Klump

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