Playground Hunt

Activate and entertain with this engaging, digital treasure hunt


Create a different
and engaging experience


Attract and create
traffic to designated places

Web based

Easily accessible and
doesn’t require an app


Choose between 6
different themes

Playground Hunt

Playground Hunt guarantees a unique and vibrant treasure hunt, where the only limit is your imagination.
Playground Hunt is a digital treasure hunt that uses gamification to activate the target audience with a smile and reward their efforts in chasing the disappeared characters.

Go on an exploration and gain access to the unique, digital universe, where QR-codes and Augmented Reality technology enable the participants to relive the fun at home. The treasure hunt is web based and easily accessible – all you need to play along is a smartphone.

Video af Playground Hunt


QR-codes scanned in


users created in Rosengårdcentret


3D characters displayed
in Randers City


have redeemed their prize
in Rosengårdcentret

What do our clients say?

Pernille Lyager, Randers City, Marketing coordinator Pernille Lyager, Randers City, Marketing coordinator

"We have invested in Playground Hunt for several occasions and adjusted it to fit our different themes and campaigns. It has fit in as part of a bigger experience and has guided our visitors to designated parts of the city. A really nice experience that is entertaining and low maintenance while also being customized to each guest."



2,950 EUR
per theme.

1 year license

6,950 EUR
1 year with all themes

Playground Hunt

Shopping malls



Brand activation

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Get activated with an exciting treasure hunt, that guides the target audience to different, designated spots. With QR-codes a fun and unpredictable experience is introduced to the target audience in order to include and challenge them. For example, you can hunt for roses, easter eggs or Halloween characters. The design and characters kan be adjusted to your unique theme and message.

Treasure Hunt with a twist

Treasure Hunt with a twist

Go treasure hunting with Augmented Reality technology to ensure a surprising experience. With the camera of any Smartphone the room can be scanned, which opens up a live, alternate universe, where dancing pumpkins and flying aliens come to life right in front of you. The experience is enhanced and the interaction with the target audience is prolonged as they are sent on a creative and different treasure hunt. Design and characters can be adjusted to your unique theme and message.



Go on an exciting easter egg hunt and collect the colorful eggs, the easter bunny has hidden. Once the eggs are scanned the chicks and egg shells come to life right in front of you. The easter egg hunt promises to bring dancing and fun times with all of the easter bunny’s chicks.



Be astounded and fascinated by the Safari Hunt, where you can see animals that are tall, loudly roaring etc. live on your Smartphone. Help the zookeeper find 5 majestic animals that have escaped during transportation. You will find it hard not to gasp and smile once the Safari Hunt has begun.



Join in for a grand Halloween party. Help the ghost gather all the guests for the spookiest party of the year, where dancing zombies and guitar playing skeletons are on the guest list. The Halloween guests are sure to create a nice vibe and can surely teach you a dance move or two.



Get into the holiday spirit and help the hard working Santa Claus and his cute reindeer. The elves have gone missing while doing their chores. You will find that some are decorating Christmas trees while others are waiting for holiday kisses under the mistletoe. Help Santa and have a jolly Christmas.

Space Hunt

Space Hunt

Explore a new galaxy that is filled with fantasy planets. In the colorful universe, fun aliens can be encountered on each planet, which has its own unique look. Once the planets are scanned you can experience everything from a pink, crystal snail to yellow aliens aboard a UFO live. Only your imagination sets the limit as Astronaut and Space Bot takes you out on a journey.



As a reward for completing the treasure hunt, it is possible to reward the contestants with a prize. That way they take home a piece of the experience, while also getting a little something sweet or an object to remind them of that fun treasure hunt they went on.

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