Playground Booth

Our Playground Booth turns your visitors into ambassadors by letting them share memorable experiences


Get loyal customers
with engaging experiences


Unique experiences
for every occasion


Make your customers your ambassadors
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Customized content to fit
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Playground Booth

Playground Booth is a safe choice for anyone who wants their target audience to spread their message with a unique photo. Our Playground Booth turns your visitors into ambassadors – with a huge smile on their face.

We have a large selection of different themes that contribute to the experience. In our Playground Booth your visitors can easily take a photo of themselves, approve it, have it sent to their mobile phone and share it on social media. The approved photos will be displayed on a separate screen to the enjoyment of passers by, inspiring them to try the booth themselves.
You are free to choose from our large selection of themes depending on the focus of your campaign.

Video af Playground Booth


photos taken
in 2022


photos per day
in Bruuns Galleri


shares per day
in FRB.C Shopping


shares per day
in Bruuns Galleri

What does our clients have to say?

Nicki Stougaard, Marketing Associate, Storcenter Nord Nicki Stougaard, Marketing Associate, Storcenter Nord

"Storcenter Nord wants to be the preferred center for shopping and experiences in the entire eastern part of Jutland. To support our journey towards that goal we have invested in two Playground Booths in order to be able to always present our customers with something new. With these screens we are able to submerge our customers into each campaigns universe, which at the same time boosts the sharing of our messages online. "



From 3,500 EUR
per week


From 13,000 EUR
incl. 1 year license

Playground Booth




Brand activation

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Let your visitors create memories with our interactive Photo Booth. Each week thousands of pictures are taken – each and every one is a happy memory that not only serves as a remembrance but also drives even larger engagement and exposure.

Boomerang Booth

Boomerang Booth

If you want to add another layer of experiences and value for your visitors, you should take a look at our Boomerang Booth, which is guaranteed to make everyone smile. The product here is a 4 second boomerang video that creates a unique and entertaining piece of content that your visitors will want to share with others.

Green Screen Booth

Green Screen Booth

Let your visitors immerse themselves into a fictitious world with our Green Screen Photo Booth. With just one touch they can change the scene and find themselves in a wide variety of different themes. The themes can be adjusted to match your specific campaign or you can choose one of our existing themes. No matter what, our Green Screen Photo Booth creates unique and entertaining content with sky-high viral potential.

Double Exposure Booth

Double Exposure Booth

Aesthetic, shareable and unique – these words best describe our Double Exposure Booth, which mixes reality with your campaign content. In this booth the visitors can take a picture of themselves, while choosing which of the filters makes the most pleasing result and inspires your visitors to share it on social media.

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