Playground Booth

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Attract attention
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Playground Booth

Playground Booth guarantees a diverse and involving photo op, which is guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face. Playground Booth is a multi-layered, interactive installation that adds value to the experience through images, video and different filters.

Gain access to a photo universe loaded with opportunities that helps spread your message through unique photos - all while turning your target group into ambassadors. Playground Booth sets the scene for a digital event with grand entertainment value.

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photos taken
in 2022


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in Bruuns Galleri


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in Storcenter Nord


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in Bruuns Galleri

What does our clients have to say?

Nicki Stougaard, Marketing Associate, Storcenter Nord Nicki Stougaard, Marketing Associate, Storcenter Nord

"Storcenter Nord wants to be the preferred center for shopping and experiences in the entire eastern part of Jutland. To support our journey towards that goal we have invested in two Playground Booths in order to be able to always present our customers with something new. With these screens we are able to submerge our customers into each campaigns universe, which at the same time boosts the sharing of our messages online. "



3,950 EUR


15,900 EUR
incl. 1 year license

Playground Booth




Brand activation

More than just a photo booth

More than just a photo booth

Disappear into a fictitious world with our Green Screen photo booth. With one touch you can change the scene and appear as the fore-or background in a wide variety of different themes. With Green Screen Booth only your imagination sets the limits. We have simulated everything from space journeys, vacation photos and snow storms that each in their own way create unique content with sky-high shareability.

Custom made content

Custom made content

Besides the existing themes we can also create unique themes to fit your specific campaign. We personalize your content and develop filters for the photo booth based on your unique campaign universe. In addition to that it is possible to highlight a campaign, brand or message on the back of both the photo booth and green screen.

Live filters

Live filters

Animations and video sequences are essential when developing realistic and fun filters. Through animation it is possible to make characters, environments and backgrounds come to life. This extends the photo opportunity as the target group can dance with a halloween pumpkin, avoid the flying bats or run away from the gigantic dinosaurs.

AI technology

AI technology

Our Playground Booth contains facial tracking that contributes to a more lively and alluring image. We use AI technology to track and react to people in order to give visual feedback to the people moving in front of the camera. For example it is possible to see your breath in a cold winter landscape, to have spiders come out of your mouth or suddenly find yourself standing under a mistletoe once two people are tracked in the image.



The unique photos can be sent to your phone. This is done either via text, where the target group receives a link to the photo, or via QR code, which is scanned directly from the screen. From this point it is easy to download the images or share them directly on social media.

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