Space Adventure

Space Adventure

Space Adventure features three separate concepts that entertains and creates immersion with the entire target audience. This event is perfect for giving the family a breather all the while they get to learn, be entertained and treasure the experience.

Space Adventure consists of:
1. Planet Patrol
Your target audience has to help each other gather enough energy sources to make their spaceship travel on in space. The game is really fun and creates a common ground between the players as they need to concentrate and cooperate to succeed.

2. Astronaut Academy
With this interactive wall your target audience has the opportunity to listen to stories and gain knowledge about the universe and being an astronaut. The wall consists of three individual walls with matching graphics and audio. The interactive wall is a creative way to convey knowledge to anyone with an inquiring mind.

3. Space Selfie
Your target audience has the unique opportunity to take a photo of themselves in outer space, posing with an astronaut or on foreign planets. In this photo booth your target audience gets to walk away with a fun photo on their phone to remind them of this event.

If you are looking for an experience that offers your visitors a breathing space while being entertained at the same time, this aesthetically pleasing concept is a good possibility.

This digital concept makes you stand out with its ability to entertain and teach your youngest target audience.

We deliver a promotion package with graphics and copy to make marketing the event as easy as possible both in-store, outdoor and on social media.

The event is available for booking on a weekly basis to help increase visitor numbers especially during holidays and to keep the visitors entertained.

Space Adventure

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