Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

With our Peppa Pig event families with young children will be entertained for hours. Peppa Pig is one of the worlds largest kids brands and highly beloved by all children. Kids are usually stuck to the screen when Peppa Pig comes along. The world known pig is a very relatable character that just loves jumping in muddy puddles and going on adventures along with the rest of the Pig family as well as her many friends.

This concept provides an entertaining playground packed with unique experiences revolving around the childrens beloved Peppa Pig. Here they can step into the well-known world that they know from the Peppa Pig universe, while exploring all corners and nooks of the beautiful, colorful house.
Both inside and out the kids will be met with experiences that hold a technological twist – for example: a digital muddy puddle they can jump in, a soundboard that makes them want to sing and dance, a photo booth with scenes from the Peppa Pig universe and much more.

The Peppa Pig house really is a unique concept for your centre, which very much attracts families with young kids and thereby increases the number of visitors you have. The house itself holds hours of activation and playtime for young children and grown-ups, which leads you to keep a hold of your customers for hours upon hours.

Every surface of the house offers unique experiences that can engage and entertain several children at the same time - over and over again. The kids can look forward to experiencing:

1. Soundboard
On one side of the magnificent house is three buttons, where the kids can play characteristic sounds and music from the Peppa Pig show – making it really hard not to dance and sing along!

2. Tablets
Moving to the inside of the house the children will find two frames with images of Peppa Pig, her family and all of her friends. By interacting with the two frames the kids can flick through more pictures and find their favorite.

3. TV room
A little further inside the house is the TV room, where children can take a nice, comfy seat and watch a selection of Peppa Pig episodes - along with the entire Pig family. This creates a calm moment for everybody in the middle of the shopping trip as well as a unique experience for the kids as they get to see their favorite Pig family right in their living room.

4. AR screen
On the other side of the house kids can jump in the digital muddy puddle alongside Peppa Pig. When they jump, so does Peppa Pig – resulting in small and large muddy splashes as well as laughter from both the kids and Peppa Pig. The digital muddy puddle creates lots of movement and big smiles from the entire family.

5. Photo Booth
In the second interior side of the house kids and their grown-ups can have their picture taken with Peppa Pig, centered in her amazing universe.
The background can be chosen on the touch screen and as smiles are set and the countdown is down to zero – a snapshot is taken. On the screen there is an option to have the picture sent so it can be shared with the world on social media.

Video af Peppa Pig



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Peppa Pig

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