Playground Display

Use gamification to attract visitors, gather permissions and create sales
Stop effect

Stop effect

Make passers-by stop
and notice your message



Collect sign-ups for news
letters, loyalty programs etc.



Turn passers-by into



Create additional sales
and a positive ROI

Playground Display

Playground Display is an interactive installation that uses gamification to create attention and traffic, where your customer meets you. With Playground Display your days of inefficient, difficult and irritating methods of collecting permissions are over. Instead you can collect permissions with a simple, fun and profitable experience – for you as well as your customers.

Video af Playground Display


players per day in
Frederiksberg Centret


of Sun Tours players signed up
for their newsletter


of players entered the store to collect a prize from Normal


of players picked up additional items from Normal

What does our clients have to say?

Rasmus B. Nielsen, Marketing Project Manager, Normal Rasmus B. Nielsen, Marketing Project Manager, Normal

"We have an ambition of challenging and exploring the possibilities of nice customer experiences. This led us to use Playground Displays in several stores. A concept that has turned in good results both in terms of collecting permissions, getting visitors into the store and generating sales. "



From 1,000 EU
per week


From 5,000 EU
incl. 1 year licens

Playground Display






Brand activation

Brand activation

This is how it works

Playground Display features several interactive activities, which can help draw attention, create stop-effect, drive visitors and ultimately create additional sales. The screen can be placed wherever and whenever it makes sense to you – for example an exhibition stand, a specific area or a certain store, where you want to attract more visitors and give them a valuable experience. By sending an SMS and signing up for your newsletter, loyalty program or whatever is relevant for you, your visitors get the opportunity to spin the digital wheel of fortune or open the digital gift box from their mobile phone – without even touching the screen.
Once the visitors play along they receive a digital voucher to use at your exhibition stand, at your event or in one of your stores. This brings the customer to visit your stand or your store, providing you with a unique opportunity for additional sales but also to keep in touch via newsletter and other marketing efforts.

Interactive installation for exhibitions, events and in-store

This interactive installation fits perfectly as an exhibition activity, digital entertainment at events and in physical stores. Playground Display creates value and transforms a visit with you into a fun, interactive experience that puts a smile on both children’s and adult’s faces. Over the later years we have developed and fine-tuned our Playground Display in cooperation with danish shopping centres and stores and we always get amazing results.
The conversion rate is outrageously high while the cost per thousand is low in your effort to emphasize specific campaigns or products in an effective way. The installation is intuitive and simple while the user-friendliness is first class in order for your visitors to quickly decode what is about to happen. This maintains interest and creates smiles with your visitors, which in turn pays off for you.

User-friendliness for you and your visitors

It shouldn’t be difficult to collect permissions or foster experiences for your visitors. For that reason we have made Playground Display intuitive in terms of your visitors to use but also for you. The screen is easy and simple to put up and plug in, while you control the settings from the backend platform we have developed to go along with it. Here you can set up campaigns, watch the permissions being collected and much more. Also, you get the unique opportunity to apply your visual identity at the heart of the experience.
Once you commit to our Playground Display it comes with an annual software license. This makes it easy for you to administer winners, permissions and much more so you can collect permissions all year round and thereby get the most out of your investment. Playground Display is a unique opportunity to connect with your customers in a manner that is strong enough for them to remember you and re-visit over and over again.

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