Playground Vending

Create valuable interaction and
boost your digital focus areas


Create valuable interaction
between you and the target group


Adjust content for your
campaign and engage in-store


Create loyal visitors
with engaging experiences


Payment with app downloads
or sign-ups

Playground Vending

Playground Vending is a digital vending machine, perfect for creating a positive interaction between you and the target group. The purpose of the Playground Vending is to boost your measurable permission efforts through a treasured experience that doesn't involve cash payment but instead a fun, digital action.

Playground Vending is an automated installation, successfully used for brand activation, always creating high value and a high KPI. The installation guarantees a joint win for you and the target group.

Video af Playground Vending


app downloads in SlotsArkaderne


dispenses per day in
Lyngby Storcenter


dispenses per week in
Næstved Storcenter


dispenses per hour in
Storcenter Nord



3,250 EUR


15,200 EUR
incl. 1 year license

Playground Vending






How it works

How it works

Based on the model you choose, the target visitors can 'pay' by signing up to your newsletter or download your app - that's all up to you. Playground Vending is user-friendly and operated from the users own mobile device. All you have to do is scan the QR code, follow the instructions and pick it up from the vending machine. A simple and effective way to collect permissions.



The vending machine will present itself in your campaign graphics. The foil design is customized to your company and current campaign, meaning you get a product fully customized to match your brand, message and rewarding your target group with prizes. Besides foil other clients have benefitted from adding roll-ups, carpet and other decorations.



Our interactive, digital vending machine has a variety of possible products. The content can be anything from the company's own products to water bottles, snacks, physical vouchers, plastic ball containers etc. The vending machine also has cooling enabling cold beverages to be an option as well.

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